Bill Blaster

A Bill Blaster is a deadly black cannon that usually fires Bullet Bills at the player, unless other enemies or items are inserted using the editor. Bill Blasters are indestructible and usually immobile, unless placed on movable blocks or enemies. Bullet Bills cannot be placed directly, they must be fired by Bill Blasters. As mentioned before, Bill Blasters aren't just capable of firing Bullet Bills, as many items and enemies can be inserted with the editor. For example, if the player drags a coin onto a Bill Blaster, they'll fire several of them at once. If you shake a Bill Blaster, it will turn red and shoot red Bullet Bills, called Bulls-Eye Bills, that lock-target Mario. A red Bill Blaster with an item inside will shoot the item farther than a black one.

Bill Blasters can be destroyed be ground-pounding them with a large stilletto Goomba Shoe.


The cannon.